Apps and Education… how can they help?

Through-out the years, learning has always been fun, but never easy. I get distracted quickly, and I need something that keeps me on track. I feel that apps allow for just that. They allow students to stay focused on their coursework without the embarrassment not understanding certain things.

Math has never been my strong suit, that’s why I like the idea of apps that assist student’s with their math assignments.

MathHelper: Algebra and Calculus

This is a great tool that will enhance the way students learn math. MathHelper: Algebra & Calculus increases one’s understanding of many topics through providing step-by-step solutions to the problems. With 8 topics that have 41 subjects and more than 61 problems, it helps individuals figure out where exactly they may be going wrong in developing a solution.

Many people will be glad to purchase this app. For $3.63, you have the peace of mind of knowing you can have tools at your fingertips that will assist with your comprehension of the subject, and get rid of all your frustrations. And what’s even better is it’s cheaper than a tutor!

Another app that I feel will help adult learners is the School Helper App.

One of the issues adult learners often run into is their very busy schedule. Many of us have full-time jobs, spouses, children, etc.  Our days consist of many different things, and staying on track with school work is a bit of a hassle at times. The School Helper app can be very helpful with keeping a busy schedule.  This app is considered the ultimate schedule app. Various app features allow you to organize your daily schedule, set reminders, alert you of upcoming due date, set a study schedule, track grades, and even take notes.

As a future educator, my ultimate goal is to see that my students are successful. Any tool that I can introduce that will help organize and simplify their lives is a great tool to know about.

-Rainier C.


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