Games: How to make learning fun!

Introduced as a formal teaching strategy more than 75 years ago, gaming offers many advantages over more traditional teaching methods. “Games connect theory more closely to real life situation and add innovation, diversity, and the opportunity for immediate feedback (Henry, 1997).” As a future adult educator I feel that using games in the classroom as a tool to enhance the learning environment will be great for the students. Learning can sometimes seem complicated and forced. I feel that if I bring games into my curriculum it will allow for a much more pleasant learning environment and increase the overall success of my students.

One of the games I would want to incorporate in the classroom is Ruzzle. This is a word game that is fast-paced, and the player must find different word combinations based off a board of seemingly random letter. Ruzzle keeps the mind moving, and adults can learn how to quickly create words which helps in overall vocabulary enhancement. I think one of the challenges is that once someone begins to play the game, it can get boring quickly. As an educator, I would want to implement challenges among students so that they are staying stimulated and the game remains fun and they continue to learn from it.

Gaming as whole in the classroom will benefit the student’s and make for a fun-filled learning environment. Games provide a fresh, enjoyable learning experience for content often viewed as relatively dry, boring material (Henry, 1996).


Henry, J. (1997). Gaming: a teaching theory to enhance adult learning. J Contin Educ Nurs, 28(5).

Henry, M., Johnson, B., Ziemba, J. (1996). Encore performance. Discovering new directions in gaming. J Contin Educ Nurs,12 (6).


3 thoughts on “Games: How to make learning fun!

  1. Reply to Rainier,
    I agree with you that game can make learning more fun and enjoyable as well. I have not heard about Ruzzle before but it is fun now for me to learn it and incorporate into my future course syllabus. The important is good that you get something to get your students busy and later on you will incorporate more games by selecting among the top 50 or 100 educational games on the web, and truly Rainier, I was shocked and surprised that they have so many available educational game websites out there. Thank you for sharing Ruzzle with us and now I can state from Puzzle to Ruzzle we still get something to challenge and stimulate students’ brains. Take care!


  2. Hi Rainier,
    Seems like I remember hearing of a game called Ruzzle. This seems interesting and almost seems like something that is very stimulating for the brain. My mom is 80 years old and she does crossword puzzles daily to keep her mind sharp and keen. Ruzzle sounds like a game that should be used to prevent Alzheimers and dimentia.
    I have copied and saved this is my favorites. Thank you for the information.

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    1. Hello Rainier:
      I am so glad that you mentioned the game Ruzzle, I asked my son and he actually have it. It was fun to play it! I am not a game player, but I think after this class I will start doing it!Thanks so much for the information,


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